The Approach

Crafting a good product experience is like telling a good story. It’s about more than just what’s on the screen. It’s about more than just feeling right. Great experience design takes into account all of the touch-points one has with a product or service. So, we have to pay attention to the details, but without losing sight of the beauty and power of the entire narrative. In working together, we can create soulful design solutions that tell your story through the execution of holistic, thoughtful design practices.




Creative Strategy

To create powerful, sticky user experiences, it begins with a global vision and a holistic strategy. Working together, we'll co-create a design + business strategy that can address your company's core questions and aim to solve key problems with thoughtful and tailored design execution. This may look like creative direction for an entire line of online services, digital or physical offerings, content planning, information architecture, branding or branded materials, or language, look & feel. Already have a vision but need an expert eye and valued opinion? You might consider a design audit -- keep reading to learn more.


Product Design - UX & UI

Guiding both the user experience and visual design for diverse clients at happy, product focused companies is what I love best. With over 10 years experience working from concept to buildout, I'm comfortable within the full spectrum of the product design process. This may look like user research, wireframing, prototyping, high fidelity visual designs, or pair design with engineering teams. Whatever you may need, we can create, design and build together.


Design Audits

Think of design audits as a thorough review of the current state of your product or service offerings or a review of your organization's design strategy. Audits help to illuminate the current systems, identify areas of improvement and simplify actionable items, wherever they may be. This may look as large as conducting an internal audit where we interview, create documentation and generate a roadmap or it may look as small as a request for feedback on product prioritization, user flows, a user interview protocol or design comps.


In-person Design Workshops

While we can do great work remotely, sometimes nothing beats getting together in person. As a part-time educator, I strive to help promote the importance of design and that often takes shape as sharing my experiences with others, in-person. Through design workshops and lectures or coaching and mentorship, I'm available for one-on-one (or one-to-many) in-person sessions. This may look like presenting a UX training in-house, facilitating a co-creation workshop or hosting a general speaking engagement.


Friendliest Clients

It has been an amazing opportunity to partner with such a talented and collaborative designer in Sarah. While we interviewed many designers, we gravitated to Sarah because of how easily she understood what we were trying to accomplish and how she brought instant insight into the conversation. Having concluded our project, I’m thrilled about the outcome and our team looks forward to collaborating with Sarah in the future.
— Greg Lok, Co-founder of Ambit